Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Not16 Gate

Truth Table
in[x] | f(in[x])
0       | 1
1       | 0

CHIP Not16
    IN in[16];
    OUT out[16];

    Not(in=in[0], out=out[0]);
    Not(in=in[1], out=out[1]);
    Not(in=in[2], out=out[2]);
    Not(in=in[3], out=out[3]);
    Not(in=in[4], out=out[4]);
    Not(in=in[5], out=out[5]);
    Not(in=in[6], out=out[6]);
    Not(in=in[7], out=out[7]);
    Not(in=in[8], out=out[8]);
    Not(in=in[9], out=out[9]);
    Not(in=in[10], out=out[10]);
    Not(in=in[11], out=out[11]);
    Not(in=in[12], out=out[12]);
    Not(in=in[13], out=out[13]);
    Not(in=in[14], out=out[14]);
    Not(in=in[15], out=out[15]);

Not too much different then a 1 bit NOT gate you just take 2 sets of 16 bits and NOT each set of 2 bits from each array with the same index.

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